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Working with a repository does not complicate the way you develop software. The DWP® development environment is equiped with a number of powerfull tools that can rival any other tool set on the market.

The DWP AppDesigner enables developer to enter, edit and modify objects and code without ever leaving the runtime environment. With a single hotkey any running DWP window can be switched from runtime to development mode. The typical purple DWP color indicates development mode and from this interface all objects can be manipulated:

When a new window is created from scratch it can be tested instantly by flipping between runtime and development mode with the same hotkey. Browsers, Viewers, Widgets, Toolbars, Pages and Tabs can all be created and modified from the same user interface. 

Go to Internet Deployment for more specifics. Another demo shows the Appdesigner of DWP. It demonstrates the ease in which a developer can create rich applications with DWP. (The demo opens in a popup window)

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