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Open Edge 10

Netsetup has selected OpenEdge™, as one of the components for the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of DWP. Together with the new .NET and AJAX client we are able to deliver best of both worlds.

Introducing OpenEdge™ Release 10, a new product that extends the proven foundation of the OpenEdge Business Platform with new online database features for 24x7 availability, standards-based Web-services and service-oriented architecture for integration readiness, .NET and AJAX interoperability, and the most powerful business-processing engine available to tie these all together.

Progress© OpenEdge™ is tightly integrated software infrastructure designed to:

  • Speed delivery of enterprise applications to all corners of the organization
  • Provide flexibility through integrating and extending core business processes to anyone, anywhere
  • Improve effectiveness and productivity throughout the business without increasing resources or cost

The OpenEdge business platform lets you develop, deploy, integrate, and manage business solutions more efficiently, ensuring faster return on investment. It delivers unparalleled flexibility so that you can leverage existing technology, quickly adapt to new technology, easily connect with customers, partners, and suppliers, and rapidly adapt as market and business requirements change.

OpenEdge includes a high-performance embedded database, application servers, data servers, a fully integrated application development environment and framework, Internet-ready messaging, and enterprise-class application management. OpenEdge supports all major J2EE, JMS, and XML industry standards. It also supports Web browser, .NET, Java™, graphical and character-based user interfaces.

Offering a complete solution and guaranteeing maximum interoperability, OpenEdge frees you to focus on the business, not the technology.

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