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The DWP® Architecture

Extensive measurements revealed that traditional Progress© architectures suffer from three major bottlenecks when faced with internet deployment: too many AppServer calls, excessive data exchange, and large r-code deployment to the client.

The DWP Architecture is based on the union of a single ¨Business Logic¨ object on the server and a single ¨User Interface¨ object on the client. Together, these two objects are capable of delivering full-blown Windows applications to the end user with sub-second response times over dial-up internet connections.

The use of bandwidth is typically much lower than a comparable HTML-based web application. A single user interaction results in just a single AppServer call, even if that interaction returns a screen full of browser and viewer data. Due to the stateless architecture a single application server can support thousands of concurrent users.

As a matter of fact, with the DWP Architecture you do not have to wait for UMTS frequencies to become available to provide wireless access to your applications; a standard GPRS connection is sufficient to run DWA applications on your laptop. Even a 9.600 baud GSM connection can be used to access DWA applications from anywhere in the world. This claim leaves the major industry players out in the cold.

Read more technical DWP information at the Appdesigner page.

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