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With DWP® you can built very fast en highly scalable applications which provide you with real time information, everywhere and anywhere. For a store chain this means always and anywhere insight in critical company processes like stockpositions and logistics. This enables you to quickly respond to you competition. 

Working with DWP brings you fullblown Windows applications with maximum performance even on slow internet connections such as analog and mobile. The pricing in your affiliates are always up-to-date, just-in-time-warehousing becomes reality and the headoffice can work with real time numbers. 

Hardware reduced to a minimum
If your company decides to develop their applications with DWP, you can reduce your hardware to an absolute minimum. Only one server is needed for thousands of users. The stores won't have to back up their data anymore, no costly maintenance contracts and software updates will install automatically.

Highly productive
You will save on you development. DWP enables software developers to built their apllications in a very short time. Experienced developers can work with DWP after a three day training. It's obvious that this provides you with a shorter time-to-market. Our customers allready saved millions working with DWP. Their users experience daily the speed en the friendly user interface.

Business case 
One of our clients is a hypermarket with 90 stores. 

Previous situation Current DWP situation
  • Decentralised application environment
  • They were not able to anticipate on developments in the market
  • Very costly and complex deployment of new applications
  • No real time data
  • Complicated data communication
  • Each affiliate needed a server
  • Flexible, centralised environment
  • Quick response to developments in the market; increased competitiveness
  • Simplicity in maintenance
  • Fast and automatic deployment of new releases
  • Only one server needed (Head Office)
  • Created