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DWP News 11 (440.74 kB)

In this issue:

  • DWP 4.4 Released!
  • Interview with David Hebert, IT Director af New Hanpshire Housing Authority.
  • Yes We Can! johan Wolthuis, Sales Director Netsetup
  • More...
DWP News 10 (2008) (656.67 kB)

In this issue:
An interview with Aad-Jan Mourits (It-Director Farm Frites), info about the upcoming new DWP Release, Strategy of Netsetup and more...

DWP News 09 (2008) (505.20 kB)

In this Issue you will find a story about Implementing DWP at Detailresult. Furthermore a word about the start of the DWP User Group and Advisory Council.

In this presentation Thomas Hansen (appSolutions) and Jeroen Stam layout the design of the upcoming Roundtable integration for DWP.

This presentation is given at the Annual DWP Conference September 23th during the PTW in Brussels.

DWP News 07 (2007) (558.92 kB)

Read about our AJAX client, what it means to be a DWP Consultant and a lot more.
In our ‘DWP NEWS’ issues we will address both technical and business topics.

How to manage your applications in a practical and economical manner (Erwin Eekelaar, CEO Netsetup) .

This Presentations describes the use and architecture of the New Domain Logics Object in the upcoming DWP 4.2 release. (Hans Jansen, DWP Trainer/Consultant).


Enhance your reports efficiently using XML, XSLT and XSL-FO. (Niek van Elck, DWP Consultant).

DWP.ajax (2006) (656.00 kB)

A new rich client for DWP with zero footprint. (Peter van Dam, CTO Netsetup).

In this presentation Jeroen Stam (DWP Consultant) shows how DWP facilitates Multi-Client programming.


The new DWP release 3.5 comes with a set of new features and enhancements.

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