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New Supplier portal for Kaak

For Kaak Nederland B.V., a Supplier portal was developed that enables faster interaction between Kaak and their suppliers. Suppliers can log in to the portal and can approve purchase orders with a single click; no more signing papers and faxing them required!




Suppliers are able to make modifications to the delivery dates and pricing, should the need to. When suppliers confirm their changes, the purchase order is handled by the new FunXionality Workflow module that decides which actions should be taken and by whom.

The WFM module enables to graphically design Kaak's workflows, and to structure and sequence new screens, linking them directly to user groups and authorize .

The Workflow Engine embedded into the FunXionality server, it wil tightly integrate into existing application and business logic.



The new module is successfully implemented, and the suppliers' reaction were very enthusiastic. 



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