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  • Innovation and strategic customers

    Created 03/07/2009

    Netsetup’s Innovation team, which consists of the management and Senior DWP consultants, will intensify their cooperation with strategic customers of Netsetup. Netsetup needs to monitor the customer’s application closely, so that they could make a good estimate on the production of the products. Meetings will be organized on a regular basis, where not only the technical development but also the “business development” will be discussed.
    It is very interesting to decide how the Company process will develop and how the new technologies would be played in.

  • New Hampshire Housing Authority interview

    Created 03/07/2009

    What was/are the reason(s) for New Hampshire Housing to look at a framework and in particular DWP?

    NH Housing was at a crossroads with it's in-house developed legacy Progress business applications systems, which are used throughout our main lines of business. They were character based systems that we recently gui-ized with a proprietary graphical interface to extend their life for a while longer while we determined how to proceed with a new architecture for the future.

  • Yes we can!

    Created 03/07/2009

    There are a certain aspects that define credit crisis for me: money is the oil of the economy. If there is not enough oil in the engine and it is not refilled on time, then the engine will worsen even further and it will stop working after a while. Notice the simple metaphor use to describe the credit crisis.

  • DWP 4.4: The developer’s experience

    Created 09/03/2009

    In this new DWP release we’ve again focused on making life easier for an important user of DWP, namely the developer. Especially in large multi-user development environments an enormous performance gain is to be expected for DWP startup. As of 4.4, it is possible to start the DWP screen libraries “on demand”. This means that these libraries are not, as before, loaded persistently at startup, but rather when needed if the developer wants to run a screen from the AppDesigner.

  • DWP Customer Davanti wins the Progress Software Partner of the Year 2008 award

    Created 24/02/2009

    DWP Customer Davanti won on February 10 last the Partner of the Year Netherlands 2008 award;
    Davanti was represented by Henk van Voorst en Cor van Ooststroom at the Progress Executive Forum in Cascais, Portugal.
    Five companies had been nominated, i.e. Eurosystems, Reflecta, Unit4Agresso en Van Meijel.


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