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  • New DWP version released

    Created 23/02/2011

    Nowadays, Software as a Service (SaaS) and Rich Internet Applications (RIA) are hot items. Deliver software to your users any time, any place. That is why Netsetup is proud to announce the upcoming release of the DWP version 5.1, a modern business application for any industry. It is more advanced than our previous release so we gave it a new name: FunXionality.

    A web-browser environment is the only thing you need, any web-browser will do. There are general reasons for that. The most important one is a simple one: a web-browser is simply always available!

  • The launch of FunXionality

    Created 22/02/2011

    To accommodate the fast-pacing companies of business world of today, in February, 2011 Netsetup proudly announced the launch of FunXionality, a new product of its DWP product line with increased capabilities using the latest WEB technologies.

  • We are moving!!

    Created 30/08/2010

    We have felt at home in the cozy and classical style office on the Westersingel, but due to the development we are making in our business, it was necessary to search for a new place to accommodate our new paradigm, new energy, and new staffs.

    We have seen many buildings and location trying to find the right place, but our eyes were set on a building called Huis Boevé, located at Museumpark, Rotterdam. 

  • Customer Support Portal

    Created 27/08/2010

    Our business applications were made with a very high level of reliability, continuity, funtionality and safety. Our product's are thoroughly tested by our staffs until they satisfy our needs and our customers’ needs before delivered to them. 

    Since our applications are applied by our customers in many business environments, we think there will always be a room for a small error or trouble. 

    Sometimes our customers have questions or need informations about a thing or two about our applications.

    For the convenience of our customers and to simplify things of reporting and asking, Netsetup proudly launch the new Customer Support Portal.

  • Customers success of innovation

    Created 04/11/2009

    Nowadays it is difficult to choose an effective business model. If I learned anything it is that a product does not have to beautiful, sexy of fancy; it just have to work well!! We don’t talk product features, we only discuss how our product can help meet our customer’s needs.

    In this fast moving world, Netsetup is constantly improving the DWP tools. Flexibility is required within today’s corporate information system departments. End users have numerous demands and wishes on User Interface capabilities (Dotnet, Ajax). For Software developers the hot buttons are multi-deployment and version control. While keeping an eye on both the End user and the Software developers, Netsetup will also have to watch out for the apparent truth, also known as, “Pseudo logica fantastic”.


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