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Recent emphasis on global climate change is increasing pressure on automotive executives. Emission-level targets, currently in question, threaten to alter the entire structure of the automotive industry. Beside this, the cost of energy and raw materials needed by automotive industry are continue to increase due to rising global demand.

In the financial field, strong fluctuations in exchange and interest rates pose another threat and are difficult and costly to maintain it on a profitable level.

These challenges put more pressure to an industry, already plagued with high costs, low profit margins, and very tough competition. To maintain their existence in this tough and complex business environment, many players are undergoing some form of restructuring.

A superior supply chain is one critical element that make automakers differentiate themselves from the competitors. They need to reinforce and redefine their supply chain strategies, layouts, and operations. Here the Netsetup products comes in handy. Our lines of DWP®’s business applications will help the automotive industry with her challenge of reducing costs and reduce non-value added expenses while maintaining good productivity.

DWP application are fast and highly scalable that have such flexibility to easily adapt to your business environment, and is possible to custom-built to suit your company needs. It will provide real time information whenever and whereever you need, about what is going on in your business (to the very detailed things). Moreover it could be easily modified to meet your company’s new policies, new challenges and new threats.

Companies like Volvo, Ford, Citroen, Suzuki, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche are some of DWP’s global users, so why don’t you give it a try. Please contacts us to receive more information about our business applications and see what our line of products could do to improve your business in this tough, competitive business environment.