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The number of patients needing home healthcare is on a constant rise, which is further expected to fuel the healthcare IT market demand.

The advance of software technologically, such as interoperable system and cloud computing, is expected to attract more investors focus on developing integrated healthcare system to curb problems associated with conventional procedures of record keeping. For example, the uses of e-healthcare record system to maintain patientdatabase help to provide instant information about patients’ health in case of emergency.

Elec tronic Health Records (EHR) is expected to register an upward shift. Growth isprimarily driven by the rising demand for integrated information system in the field of healthcare IT. Faster accessibility and low maintenance cost are the two most significant factors contributing towards the rising demand of these EHR systems.

Safe and reliable care is central to every healthcare institution. This is only possible with the right digital support. Our customer TSS HI-Systems can guarantee this support with the use of the software of Netsetup. With an electronic prescribing system for clinical and outpatient prescribing by medical specialists, an administration record for nurses and an information system for institutional pharmacies and pharmaceutical service providers, HI-Systems supports every phase of the pharmaceutical closed loop