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With our Mobile Inspection Solutions you can speed up your inspection process, improve the reliability of your inspection results and make these results immediately available to the management. Based on this information they can anticipate and take (corrective) actions as appropriate


  • The Mobile solution consists of a Mobile App, a database (located at the central server) and interface scripts between the App and the Database.
  • The Mobile App is available for all kind of mobile devices (SmartPhones and Tablets) and Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows etc.)..
  • All your required inspection and audit forms containing various types of input fields, validation criteria, conditional questions and the possibility to put a signature.
  • User friendly configuration tool to build your own inspection templates and inspection reports
  • For each inspection question you can take, draw your comments and save pictures.
  • Performing multiple inspections in parallel on the same device.
  • Inspection and audit results, including pictures, to be immediately saved on a central server.
  • Inspections to be performed in the absence of an internet connection.
  • The Mobile App can also be opened from a Web Browser.
  • Synchronization of the inspection results with your existing database.
  • Inspection Reports in PDF format. These reports can directly be sent by e-mail.
  • Inspection database that also can be implemented within the client infrastructure.
  • The solutions can easily be integrated within your existing application landscape.
  • The database can also be hosted locally (on your own server)

Netsetup has successfully implemented a Mobile Solution for COKZ (Ministery of Economical Affairs) in order to perform inspections of dairy products. This Mobile Sollutions integrate with several systems including order systems and the main back office of COKZ. The integration takes place on a real-time base. Every update or action in the fields will be directly available in the back office.

This an example of a Mobile Solution that Netsetup has implemented for COKZ (Ministery of Economical Affairs) in order to perform inspections of dairy products.