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Transportation is one of the world's largest industries. It's sectors range from taxis to trucks to airplanes, trains, ships pipelines, and warehouse and logistics services.

Throughout the centuries all types of transportation on land, sea and air continues to evolve. For examples, in 1989 China had only about 200 kilometers of expressways. Now it has more than 50,000 kilometers of expressways, second largest in terms of length to America's famous Interstate Highway system (roughly 47,000 miles or 75,000 kilometers).

The information age, with its introduction of sophisticated database that can track the inventory levels and shipments on global basis via the internet, has created vast transport and logistics efficiencies. As a result, supply chain technology has been one of the fastest growing segments in the information field.

The rapid adaptation of outsourcing has led to many companies, in which shipping is vital to their businesses, to turn to logistics service providers for all manners of shipping support, including warehousing, scheduling and distribution services. In fact, thanks to increasing use of advanced information systems, the productivity within the transportation industry is excellent.

Globally, the transportation sector has been under extreme pressure since mid-2007. At first it was pummeled by the rising costs of fuel. Then, the global recession slashed all types of traffic, including passenger's airline and ship cargo. The declining in business has affected all kind of companies within this sector, from freight brokers to car and truck manufacturers.

Even though things are looking bright for this industry in 2010, transportation and logistics business are not back yet to its ideal condition. In this tight situation, Netsetup helps its customers to maintain their productivity while significantly reducing the operational costs.

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