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About Netsetup

Netsetup is the specialist in the delivery of tailor made Mobile Solutions and behind the successful innovative products DWP® and FunXionality.

The company is founded in 2000 and we currently have customers in more than 10 countries.

Since 2001, worldwide more than 50.000 users are using our internet applications where backoffice and Mobile App solutions are realtime integrated.

We are specialized in the delivery of full tailor made Mobile Solutions in line with your requirements. Our Mobile Solutions can also be connected with your existing application landscape.

Our tailor made Mobile solutions provide you with the possibility to connect to your businesses anywhere and anytime.

We offer platform independent access interfacing to your systems. This means that our Apps can be used on various mobile devices (SmartPhones and Tablets) and Operating Systems (iOS, Android, etc.).

This enables you to transform your entire workforce into a connected and highly productive mobile workforce. By having access on mobile devices to critical corporate data and systems that drive your business, your employees will literally have their offices in their hands at every hour of every day of the week. This helps you to act fast at a time of need.