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Progress & DWP

DWP is the fastest and most scalable thin-client architecture on the planet. It provides you with real-time information anytime anywhere. Our single objective: to deliver standard Windows applications with maximum speed over all types of networks including mobile connections. DWP is easy to learn and the acceptance with end-users is high. With DWP you will need a minimum of hardware, since the platform is also thin-server.

Our clients already saved millions by implementing new applications. Thousands of users experience daily the unparalleled speed when they retrieve business critical data.
DWP is the development platform for creating innovative applications, using our unique thin-client technology.

Choosing for DWP is instantly rewarded. Development time is limited to a minimum thanks to the high productivity tools built in and to the very short learning time. An average developer can hit the ground running after just one week of training. Time to market, a very important factor in modern software, is also helped by the outstanding productivity using DWP.

Return on investment
Netsetup bases its offers on a business case. Using DWP must offer real value to the customer (financially and/or functionally). It is highly advisable that we build a proof-of-concept so the customer can directly evaluate the result and ascertain if DWP is a good fit for organization.

We focus on:

  • Ultimate scalability
  • Cutting cost via hardware reduction
  • Reduction of development costs
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Ubiquitous real time information
  • Higher productivity by faster programs
  • Minimal deployment costs

We will gladly explain our methodology at your convience. Please contact us now to find out what DWP can mean for your organisation.